Thursday, October 4, 2018

Beverly Slogan HRC Lawn Sign Campaign - What Does Beverly Mean to You?

The mission of Beverly's Human Rights Committee is to actively seek to enhance equal justice, inclusivity, and human rights for all members of our community.  This is can be accomplished in many different ways.  One way of doing this is by promoting words of positivity, visibility, love and acceptance.  We wanted to promote these words with a prominent visual display for all to share with their friends and neighbors and we couldn't think of a better way than with a lawn sign campaign.

What is a lawn sign campaign?

A lawn sign campaign is much like politicians use - it's a physical sign that you can put on your lawn to express an idea, opinion or cause that you are supporting.  You may have seen a lawn sign like the one below.  We saw these, too, and absolutely loved them! 

The Human Rights Committee wants to recreate this with their own Beverly spin in the form of a special slogan for the City of Beverly by answering the following question:  

What Does Beverly Mean to You?

What positive message would you like to see on lawn signs around town?

Format:  Your slogan should be one line or one sentence only. 
Submissions:  You can submit up to three slogan ideas.  Please note: any submissions with hate speech will be automatically disqualified. 

New York, N.Y.: “The City That Never Sleeps”
Hershey, Pa.: “The Sweetest Place on Earth”
Cleveland, OH: “Cleveland Rocks!”

We have been collecting slogan ideas this past year and will continue to collect them through the end of 2018. The deadline to submit is January 31, 2018 11:59pm.  Once all slogans have been submitted, the Human Rights Committee will vote for their Top 10 favorite slogans.  Once the Top 10 slogans have been voted on by the HRC, those will be presented to the public for a final vote for the selection of the Top 3 favorite slogans.  The final voting and announcement of the winners will come sometime in late winter of 2019 (announcement date TBD).  

Our goal, once the Top 3 Winners are announced, will be to print a limited number of each of the three signs for purchase by the general public.  The money will be used a fundraiser to help support the education and community work being done by the Beverly Human Rights Committee.  

We plan to present the Top 3 Winning Signs with a first run for purchase by the public at a Community Potluck event, Spring 2019 (date TBD).  

Our vision for the Top 3 Signs will be available in three different colors with the City emblem and the HRC logo as part of the overall design. 

You can Follow our Facebook page for on-going updates about this initiative. 

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